Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries. With its focus on pulp & paper, oil & gas and water treatment, Kemira helps improve customers’ product quality, process and resource efficiency.

Kemira’s customers in the pulp, paper and fiber-based packaging industry are constantly looking for ways to improve the total environmental performance of their end-products. There is great potential to further improve the circulation of materials in the forest industry, while also replacing fossil-based raw materials with renewable ones in the society at large. Although invisible to the naked eye, chemistry plays a key role in enabling bioeconomy. For example, chemistry is needed in order to create virtually every characteristic of fiber board used in food packaging. Right from the start of the board manufacturing process, mbleaching the fibers, making them easier to pulp, and treating the raw water that’s used in the process. Chemistry also gives the board the required stiffness, strength, formability,
and printability, and ensures it’s hygienic and safe to use.

Combining best-in-class application expertise, latest technologies for smart process management and a complete chemistry portfolio, Kemira helps customers move forward in bioeconomy.

With this joint EU funded project, we are addressing the development of totally bio-based, renewable products and assessing their competitiveness on larger scale, as well as improving the resource efficiency at pulp mills to produce more products from wood biomass.